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Is The Computer Guyz a listed IT Support company?

No, we're owned by one single owner. We have no intention of listing at this point (alt-x or otherwise) as the company enjoys the freedom of being owned and managed internally. Within the IT support company space, this means that we're one of a handful of companies with the level of credentials that we have that are owner managed.

Is the Computer Guyz a franchise?

No, we do have agents that we appoint and allow to trade with our credentials but we're very selective about who we chose to keep standards and quality where we want them.

Is the Computer Guyz BEE Compliant?

As an IT Support company, we do have a BEE certificate, however, let's be clear. We hire the best person with the best skills, personality and track record for the job.
We're over the whole BEE thing and march to our own tune in the interests of delivering the best service we can at the best rates we can - because that's what a business is all about.

Do the Computer Guyz service the home-user market?

We do have some product offerings for the home user IT Support market and obviously we have the ability. While it's not a market we actively pursue, business is business and all clients are equally welcome. Please note however that our support offerings are business hours and after hours emergencies only.

Do you offer training?

In Cape Town, we only offer internal product and techincal training at this point. If there is sufficient demand though, we will cater for group classes. We do offer Microsoft Office and productivity training in Centurion on request.