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All of us work hard to increase our likes on Facebook and push our products, but what you don’t know is that according to an article written by Adage, Facebook decreases your reach. Facebook does this by not posting on all your fans' and friends timelines. Often things are “missed”. You might often hear from your friends and fans - “I didn't see that special you were running”.


Why does this happen?

Basically Facebook wants you to pay for your reach. In other words, they want you to pay advertising fees. This may be fair and it’s one of the ways Facebook makes their money, but seems misleading when you have over 2000 likes but aren't pulling business from it.


So what do I do?


Keep the Facebook page, but start doing a newsletter. Mail chimp is a great application, it will handle newsletter broadcasting for you, it is free, it is easy to use and mails people your ads. You should use newsletters to push potential clients to your website not your Facebook page. Your Facebook page should work for your website, pushing people to your website from Facebook. We will gladly help you set this up or even manage it for a small fee.


But websites are so expensive…


This is not true. We offer a service that will help you design a great site for as little as R3500. We also offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation for as little as R450 once-off). Hosting we offer at a reasonable R125 per month. Sure if you want an intense site (with e-commerce features etc.) it will cost you a little more, but we are always willing to work WITH our clients and their budgets.


I have no logos…


We can help with your logo development too. All we need is your ideas; colours, fonts and references. We also revamp logo’s and provide a logo redraw service, should you need to scale your logo but only have a jpeg on hand – opposed to an open file format.


We all want to market our businesses better and get our names out there. Let us help you do it in way that works.