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YES, we do have an opportunity for you!

If you're in the IT trade, perhaps as a one-man business or small business struggling to compete and offer a full basket of services, we can offer you an exceptional chance to become a part of our team.

We understand that many exceptional technicians venture into the market on their own and before long build up small but tidy customer bases that like the personal service offering. We also understand though that this comes with capital and cashflow constraints when those clients want to order new equipment.

We've been in the trade long enough to know that the small guys out there struggle to get a break because suppliers give them very little value or discounts because their purchasing power isn't large enough. It can be a tough market for a small guy to survive in and we've seen so many excellent technicians come and go in the marketplace over the years because a single bad debt can ruin their cashflow.

At the Computer Guyz, we have developed a model that's designed to help these small guys. We can offer them an exceptionally powerful brand, marketing support, administration, the full basket of IT services to offer and trade from and in most cases we can help turnaround failing small IT companies into highly profitable ventures that let the owners do what they're good at and leverage off of our structures for the rest.

Best of all, we offer this as a unique agency offering that doesn't necessarily require any capital injection from the new agency owner.

If you're considering leaving the IT trade we should definitely talk.

We review and consider applications for area-bound agencies twice a year and take on those whom we think will uphold the value of our brand and offering.

Our agents make high commissions with a full basket of services to offer and of course enjoy having the full backup and support of our national infrastructure.

For confidential Agency enquiries, please contact Craig Pedersen