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Founded in 2001, HOPE Cape Town today is a well-established Non-Profit Organisation operating in the Western Cape Province in the fields of HIV/AIDS and TB prevention, outreach and education.

HOPE Cape Town is flexible: we respond with creative and effective solutions and services in order to:

- address read needs
- change attitudes and behaviours

Our strategy is to integrate into existing programmes and structures without building new facilities or duplicating services.


HOPE Cape Town believes we must engage all leaders, stakeholders, communities and individuals in the fight against HIV and AIDS.


HOPE Cape Town offers services and help for:

Children – Providing treatment, care and education to children affected by HIV/AIDS in a friendly and family-focussed environment.
Communities – Providing voluntary counselling and testing to clients in the community clinics, home and follow-up visits and assistance with compliance and adherence issues.

Individuals – Providing training to develop professional capacity as well as personal strength and confidence.

We have also created a link between the HOPE Community Health Workers and local Sangomas in order to promote mutual respect and cooperation in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

HOPE Cape Town strives to improve the quality of life and full potential of children and families affected by HIV, AIDS and related illnesses through its work in the Western Cape of South Africa.