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Established more than a century ago in 1910, NICRO is one of the largest, longest serving indigenous non-profit organisations in South Africa. Specialising in social crime prevention and offender reintegration, NICRO boasts a rich and unparalleled history in human rights, juvenile justice and innovative criminal justice reform.

On average, NICRO renders direct and indirect services, including community outreach, capacity building and awareness initiatives to some 40 000 beneficiaries annually.

NICRO’s remarkable 106-year history boasts shining examples of groundbreaking and pioneering contributions to South African society and the criminal justice system. Much of NICRO’s work within this sector continues to form the backbone of contemporary criminal justice practice. Most notable of these include:

- The supervision of prisoners released on probation along with those who receive a suspended sentence, which dates back to the early 1930s,

- Community service, introduced by NICRO as an alternative to incarceration during the 1970s,

- Diversion, pioneered by NICRO as an embodiment of and a crucial vehicle for restorative justice, and

- Non-custodial sentencing as an alternative to serving a prison term.

NICRO continues to serve as the champion of the reintegration of offenders using specific behavioural change programmes that are strengthened by effective social work and psychological services to those affected by crime, whether as perpetrator or victim.


NICRO offers innovative developmental and therapeutic interventions for juvenile and adult offenders, their families and the community, which involve life-changing programmes that have a significant and measurable impact on crime reduction.

NICRO’s three core services, rendered throughout South Africa, with the exception of the North West, comprise:

1. Diversion – Click here to find out more...
2. Offender Reintegration – Click here to find out more...
3. Non-Custodial Sentencing (NCS) – Click here to find out more...