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Internet restriction solution for enterprise wide internet security on your network.

  • Control Internet Access
  • URL White List
  • URL Black List
  • Block social networking
  • Block online games and chats
  • Restrict downloading of video and audio files

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Internet monitoring software for tracking employee or student web activities.

  • Track Internet usage
  • Instantly generate web activity reports
  • Automated email reports
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Remote screen capture
  • Identify unproductive employees or students

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Prevent data leakage by restricting endpoint devices such as USBs, iPods, iPhones and Bluetooth.

  • Device access control
  • Block unauthorized endpoint devices
  • USB White List
  • Read, Write or Block USB and storage devices
  • Restrict data leakage
  • Minimize system infections

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An effective energy saving solution for workstations and laptops on your network.

  • Remotely manage energy usage of PCs or laptops
  • Schedule after hours shutdown of workstations
  • Program startup of PCs at start of day
  • Conserve energy
  • Reduce IT costs

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