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What could possibly entice a corporate client to buy hardware from us?

That's simple. Service, delivery and price. When you're shopping for branded equipment, HP, Lenovo or Dell for example, we're able to offer exceptional value with fixed procurement fees as opposed to margin based procurement. This can mean massive savings against the conventional business model of larger IT companies.

Our procurement team will source the best value for you on your required products, ensure that you receive weekly updates as they're shipped internationally, make sure that they arrive on time as scheduled and can even arrange delivery to multiple points.

On certain models, we're able to provide your company with your pre-loaded drive image depending of course on the volumes ordered. 

We also offer a full range of printers and accessories with superbly fast service for our corporate clients to provide the day to day items that the larger IT providers would find bothersome and tedious and therefore pay little attention to. 

We welcome the opportunity to become one of your three quotations to show you exactly what we can do for you.