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The annual purchasing of Microsoft volume software licences, re-licencing software and even finding the right product to meet your needs can be quite a daunting task and require a pretty hefty slice of your budget.

Let's face simple facts here. When it comes to Microsoft as well as anti-virus software, these are all fixed price items on which the vendor or  IT Support Company receives a discount according to their annual purchasing power. In some cases, the market price of the product is fixed by the vendor - but not all.

This is really where we shine for our corporate clients.

Because we're a medium sized company we're able to be much more flexible and can offer lower margins on your Microsoft volume licence purchases and anti-virus renewals. Simply by placing your order with us, you can be saving tens of thousands on your budget.

Where products are fixed price by the software house, we don't just let it stay at that position. We look at the overall cost, a reasonable margin and any differential between the price we would be willing to charge and the price that the manufacturer insists we charge is rebated to your company as a credit for purchasing additional hardware.

Instead of just renewing a volume Anti-Virus licence, you could be getting the renewal and a pile of rebate for your hardware requirements.

To put this into perspective, our margin on Microsoft products as silver partners for corporate clients is 8% compared to the industry average of 20%.

Our margin on anti-virus renewals is 10% where the industry average is around 25%.

These are known value items and specific in terms of the product you need and how it's renewed. There's absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing us to acquire these and/ or renew them at lower margins.

Contact our sales team today for a no-obligation quote or to discuss your requirements with our in-house licencing specialist. Microsoft Partners are always up to date on the latest software licencing models and discounts available - be sure that your company makes the RIGHT choice.