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The more a business grows and expands, the greater its reliance on network up-time.


A simple calculation that we use is to take a company’s monthly payroll figure, then add the office rental and telephone costs (a very basic calculation) now divide this by 20.67, then divide again by 8. You now have a very rough and conservative estimate of how much every hour of unproductive network downtime is costing your company when the server isn't responding and staff can't work.


As a businessman we're quite sure you already know all this. We understand it! That's why our Managed Services offering is there to help you reduce downtime and stop problems before they start.


We use the state of the art software to monitor our clients’ servers and workstations by pre-setting performance criteria and having data on that criteria fed back to our support centre. Our support staff monitor these for critical and urgent alerts and act appropriately to ensure that you retain maximum uptime - often fixing problems before you even know they're there. Amongst the software products we've tried and used are Kaseya and nAble and we are currently implementing our own custom built MSP and ticketing software.


Managed Services is decidedly the intelligent choice for network monitoring, maximum uptime and resource allocation. Having the right partner like the The Computer Guyz is essential!


We have our Managed Services package down to such a fine level, that we can even tell you which printers are low on ink, which are under-utilized and miss-allocated in your offices and what your asset register looks like at the touch of a button.



For a demonstration of what our MSP program can do to save you time and money contact us today and we'll pop by and show you a whole new way to manage your IT infrastructure.