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Mx3 is a cheap and simple solution to ensure that your company receives its mail no matter what may happen to our local telecoms infrastructure.

While we'd love to believe that South Africa has a state of the art telecommunications structure, the opposite is indeed true. Companies are often cut off from their internet and mail access because of Telkom outages caused by cable theft and redundant architectures.

This means that although your company's e-mail may be stored in a state of the art data centre, if the Telkom lines to that center are down, your mail could bounce and never be received causing a major loss of business and productivity.

Mx3 guarantee is a simple service that routes your mail to a backup server outside of SA should communication to the data center fail. This means that your e-mails will always be received no matter what.

Mx3 is the ideal component for any disaster recovery program and at a cost of just a few hundred Rands a year it's an absolute essential for companies that take their mail seriously.

- Rob, Manufacture and Design Co, Cape Town

"I get peace of mind for a nominal annual fee that my mail will reach me no matter what - an absolute essential"