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A large part of our business, is helping companies conduct IT audits with absolute precision and transparency.

Every new client we take on board as part of our Managed Services operation in Cape Town, Pretoria or elsewhere nationally is audited to ensure that we know exactly what equipment is where, how usernames and passwords are assigned, to ensure that we understand who has access and privileges to what over the network.

On completion, the client is handed a big-book, which is their entire IT infrastructure reduced to documentation and including all the appropriate policies and procedures.

This is absolutely critical to any company. We frequently encounter clients where their IT services provider hasn't documented anything at all or hasn't made this information available to the client. This means that effectively, the intellectual property of the company is being withheld. 

Our "big books" have become somewhat of a trademark and set a standard for how information should be delivered to the client to ensure openness and transparency.

If you need to complete an IT Audit for your company, feel free to browse our selection of templates under the FREE stuff tab.