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We provide all leading brands of hardware and software at market related prices (and often below). To give your business the best deal, we always offer the best blend of price and warranty.


Over the years, we've made it our policy to never sell "cheap" equipment.


We believe in sourcing the best possible products for our clients with warranties that are serviceable locally.  Experience has taught us that "goedkoop is duurkoop" which doesn't mean we sell the most expensive equipment available either. We match your requirements, growth needs and budget to the products on offer to get the best match.


Because we have a national footprint and buy bulk for our corporate clients, we're often able to beat even the best retail pricing.


On a software level, our internal licencing specialist will guide you through the minefield of volume software licencing to make sure that you're paying as little as possible for the best possible value in software from leading vendors like Microsoft. Over the years, our team in Cape Town, Centurion and Durban have encountered many clients who have been incorrectly licenced or over-licenced. This has enabled us to save our clients thousands of Rands on annual licencing.


We also offer innovative structures for anti-virus renewals (any product offering) where we cross-discount the product price to give you maximum benefit.



We welcome your quotation requests which can be sent to nicholas@tcgcape.co.za