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Every website has to live somewhere. To build, configure and host your own website would be pretty costly - in most cases, the benefit would be far outweighed by the cost for the average company. This is where hosting is needed.

We own several servers that are connected to high speed internet access and constantly monitored by our technical teams. While many companies will tell you that they can offer you web-hosting and e-mail hosting for just R10.00 per month - you get what you pay for. Do some elementary mathematics, and even the cheapest hosting server at around R25k with the required internet lines and dedicated IP addresses and you'll realise that if you're being hosted at such low rates, you could be sharing space with up to 1000 other companies per server!

These low budget companies use bottom-line rates to get you in the door, and then charge you for absolutely any additional service. A simple extra mail account or alias suddenly requires paperwork and of course increased billing. The level of support offered also declines when hosting that many websites on a single server.

We cap our servers at 100 sites. This means that we load no more than 100 sites onto each server to ensure quality of service, spread risk and of course ensure the best possible service. We also allow as many e-mail addresses and sql databases and whatever other functionalities you require at no additional cost.

Simple, effective and affordable. R150 ex VAT or R171 incl. VAT per month for hosting your website and e-mail with no nasty surprises or little latin bits in the fine print.