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Having a website is great, but you need to get it out there! Search Engine Promotion is a great way to make sure that google, yahoo and all the other engines are noticing you, but is it enough?

We don't think so. Experience has shown us that you should be actively promoting your website through online forums, social media and article management to attract extra visitors according to what is topical. We don't go for a shotgun blast marketing drive where we pull absoloutely everyone we can to your website.

We bring you targeted traffic that's interested in your product and service offering - just like we found you on the internet and brought you here to this page. It's an art as much as a science and we use real live people to do this and not automated programs and scripts that just bring masses of irellevant hits to your site.

Get serious, get promoted and get noticed. Email copy@tcgcape.co.za